The Ascot System In Roulette

If you want to play roulette it is advisable to use a strategy that allows you to determine how to do it. In previous articles we have talked about different methodologies, the Martingale system, the Parlay system, the James Bond strategy or the Fibonacci strategy. Today we are going to focus on the Ascot system in roulette.

The Ascot system in roulette: evolution of the reverse d’Ambert system

The Ascot system in roulette is a very popular and frequently used system among players. This system is considered to be the evolution of the reverse D’Ambert system. The Ascot strategy is part of the positive betting progression systems. That is, the player must increase the bet, based on the initial sequence, when he wins and, on the contrary, he must decrease the bet one position when he loses.

Measures to take into account:

  • One of the most important measurements to take into account in the Ascot system is the sequence of numbers to follow. The player must determine before starting the game the sequence of between 7 and 11 numbers. The amount chosen will depend on the player’s budget.
  • Experts recommend that the series of numbers be odd.
  • The player always places outside bets, that is, red or black, odd or even, 1-18 or from 19 to 36.
  • To make the system more efficient, it is better if the roulette only has a 0.

Practical case

Let’s imagine that we determine the sequence of numbers in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17. The sequence is of 9 numbers, therefore, it is between the recommended value. The system determines that the player should start betting using the middle value of the sequence. In this case it would be number 9. Thus the player would start his game by betting 9 euros and choosing an outside bet. In the case of being correct, the Ascot system in roulette determines that the player must increase a position with respect to the sequence of numbers. Therefore, in the second round, 13 euros would be wagered. If correct, the third round must be bet 15 euros and if it is won, the fourth and last bet would be 17 euros. Why are we talking about the last bet? The application of the system is considered completed. Before starting the game, the player has determined a series of 9 numbers. So if the player wants to continue playing he must return to the initial bet of 9 euros.

What happens if it is lost? If fortune is not with the player and he loses, he must decrease the bet one position when he loses. Following the sequence of numbers, the second round will bet 7 euros. And so on until the first number is 1.

Effectiveness of the Ascot system in roulette

Like any system that is used, it is not perfect or 100% effective. One of the positive aspects is that the player should not have a large backroll to bet on this system. Mainly if the sequence of numbers starts with 1 euro. In the case of winning, the gains are considerable.

The Parlay System In Roulette

Roulette fans will have heard of the Parlay system. It is one of the systems, along with the Martingale and Paroli strategies, most used in casinos. However, some players consider it to be a system whose strategy is dubious. In this article we are going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of this system, but first we are going to start at the beginning. For this we will explain what the Parlay system is in roulette.

Parlay system in roulette: evolution of the Paroli system

The first thing you should know whether you are a beginner user or an expert in roulette and its methods, is that the Parlay System is a natural evolution of the Paroli strategy. However, and although they share several similarities, there are also differences that make them different.

The main difference between both roulette strategies is that in the Parlay System the player decides before the game which is the maximum figure he wants to win. As soon as the player reaches the maximum amount, they must start over. On the other hand, with the Paroli System, the player does not determine the maximum money that he wants to reach. And it will depend on the positive or negative streak or the number of games.

Before continuing it is necessary to make a note for everything to be clear. The Roulette Parlay System is a positive betting progression system. That is to say, the player must double the bet every time he hits it until he reaches his maximum winnings. At that time, you must start the process again, always with the same initial amount. In the event that the player fails, they must bet the same amount of money that they bet for the first time.

Set the initial bet and maximum winnings

The important thing about the Parlay strategy is to determine the initial bet amount and define the maximum winnings. And from there determine what type of bets you want to follow. In principle and to facilitate the proper use of the system, it is advisable to place outside bets. That is, bet on red or black, odd or even, 1-18 or 19-36,… The risk is lower, since the bet is 50:50 and the chances of winning are higher. Can you make inside bets? Yes, why not, but the player must know that the chances of success are much lower. So from Secret Casino Tips we recommend you use outside bets.

One of the positive factors of the Roulette Parlay System is that the player should not bet large amounts of money, as he decides the value of the initial bet. In addition it also determines the maximum amount you want to get. So it can be said that it is the player when he decides to start and most importantly, when to fold. In the case of going into a losing streak, the player will not lose large sums of money as with the Martingale System .

Practical case

Let’s imagine that we are at a roulette table and we want to put the Parlay System into practice. The first thing we must establish is the initial bet and the maximum amount that we want to get. We determine that our initial bet is 20 euros and the maximum amount of winnings is 200 euros.

In the first round, you bet outside on even numbers, 20 euros. Fortune is on your side and you are right. In the second round, you must bet 40 euros and the ball lands again on an even number. This time the benefits reach 80 euros, which must be played again. In this case and for the third time, the ball lands on an even number, so you reach 160 euros. In the fourth round, the 160 euros are bet and the ball falls back to an even number. On this occasion, the profit is 320 euros. Now yes, and according to the Parlay System in roulette, having reached the maximum expected profit, you must start the game again.

Now imagine an unflattering situation for the player. Make an outside bet on the red color of 20. And in the first round, you win and the same thing happens in the second and third rounds. However, luck is not on his side in the fourth round, and he loses. Based on the system you must restart the game. Even having lost, the money he has lost is 20 euros, since the rest has been reinvested from the previous gains. One of the positive aspects of this method is that the profits are high and the risk of loss is not excessive.…